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Author Interview with Angelique

Let’s start off with your name:


Can you describe your writing space? Where do you go, what makes you comfortable to write?

I write in my office, but I like to edit elsewhere--with colored pens.

How did you research for your books? Is any of the content inspired by something in your life and if so what?

There is something to be researched about everything that I write. We’ll call that my academia hangover. My MA in Religious Studies plays heavily into my Mystics Trilogy. (currently writing book 2 of that series)

How long have you been writing? Do you have any professional background that attributes to your talents and style?

Like most writers, I think, I have been writing most of my life.

Does writing a Master’s Thesis count?

Do you have any specific dreams for your stories? Is it your goal to make them into watchable content? Maybe you would love to see a comic or graphic novel made?

My dream is for my stories to move people emotionally. I want my characters to come to life. I would love to see my books as graphic novels. Maybe movies.

How much world building do you like to do? Is it down to the nooks and crannies, or do you capture the surroundings in a grand fashion?

That depends upon the story. The fantasies I write are Urban Fantasies, so I try to focus on the belief systems more so than the surroundings.

What does success as a writer mean to you?

Good question. I’ll let you know when I’m successful.

Where is your biggest social media presence? Do you plan to grow it, and how big would you be willing to take it?

I have a FB author page and a Twitter author page. Twitter is by far the biggest/most active. I want to focus my time on writing, so I really don’t know how big I want it to be. I would prefer social media accounts be a way for readers to find my website.

Do you read the same genres that you write in? What does a book have to present to bring you into a foreign genre?

I do read the same genre(s) I write in. But I also read other genres. I don’t need to be pulled in that direction, I go willingly.

Describe your perfect book Heroine / Hero.

There’s no such thing.

Have you ever written something that has made you cry? Whether it be from the passion, friendship, or sadness in the scene.

I laugh more than I cry at my writing. I guess I’m not that big of a softie. Who knew?

Which character from your writing is your favorite? What makes them your favorite?

From the mystics series: Goyen. I like her mysteriousness. Her talents unfold throughout the trilogy, and we never see the extent of them.

Where can readers purchase your books?

I have a stand alone currently at the publishing house, but I’m waiting on my lawyer to look over the contract and get back to me. (Hold, please.)

What have been some of the biggest inspiration for your writing?

Do you mean like the need to check out of reality from this current political environment?

What is the key message in your writing that you want readers to feel when they finish your book?

Each of my books has a different theme. Book I of the Mystics Trilogy is about choosing to have faith.

What was your process for getting your book cover made?

The publishing house had me fill out a form of questions; they are handling the book cover.

Where there any key challenges you faced while writing your book?

Until you are published, no one take your writing as seriously as you do.

Are you working on anything special you would like to share with others?

I am, but until I sign this contract with the publishing house I can’t share. (and it’s really, really hard not to...)

If you could pick one famous author, movie, and television show to compare to your writing… what would your choices be so that we can better understand your goal?

Shannara, but not so far into the future, with more humor. (Now that everyone is totally confused…)

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